Latina Women Publication

Latina is normally an American life-style, beauty, and fashion article. It was shared in Uk by Latino Media Endeavors. Founded in 1993, that focused on girls of Latin descent, and featured the newest fashion trends. It is content was also designed toward women who are looking for new ways to express themselves and make an impact.

The magazine’s creator, a Puerto Rican woman, says that must be important to work with parents and children to deal with sexism. She says parents are usually trying to take care of their children, which could be a challenge. In addition, she advises little women to embrace who they are and be true to themselves. The magazine also has a “Herstory” section that highlights the lives of Latina ladies from around the globe.

Originally referred to as Latina, it had been founded by Christy Haubegger in 1996. The first issue featured Jennifer Lopez on the cover. In 2000, the publication changed its name to Latina Multimedia Ventures. Haubegger continue to serves over the board of directors for the magazine. In 2000, Latina had an audience of three million persons and was named Best Magazine by simply Advertising Grow older.

A recent issue of Latina features a story of a 13-year-old girl growing up in a crime-ridden city. The magazine international dating sites for singles also will get letters out of young readers seeking assistance. Amanda Delete Valle, the daughter of the former Venezuelan president, includes a story that was featured inside the magazine.